IBC. Inc.

IBC MailPlus Track


This REST service allows our partners to retrieve tracking details on the MailPlus (e-Commerce) items.

How to retrieve your data

Your client must use GET HTTP method to successfully retrieve your track information. You may use JSONP to retrieve your data as well.

The service URL is:

Request Samples

You can retrieve the tracking data RESTFully for a given track number such as: LX112300950US with the URL
or as a parameter named trackNumbers:
You may also request the order of the track results in ascending order, by appending '_ascending' to the URL as a parameter:
The parameter trackNumbers accepts a "\n" delimited list of tracking numbers to track. There is a limit of 10 numbers.
You may also change the source of the tracking events to the USPS tracking service by adding "_usps" to the end of your track URL.

The format of the JSON response

After making a successful submission you should expect a return of one of the following JSON structures: