IBC. Inc.

IBC Authority Service


This secure service is used by clients to retrieve authority tokens which are appended to other IBC secured services.

Your client must use HEAD HTTP method to successfully submit your BASE64 encoded credentials.

The service URL is:

For Zipx REST services the URL is:

How to submit your data

Head request preparation -
  1. Prepare input - Your request credential information must be submitted as a request header parameter called IBCCredentials. The parameter string must be submitted as a base64 encoded entry, and it contains your associated account email and the password assigned to you by IBC. The base64 string has the form EMAIL_ADDRESS_|_ACCOUNT_PASSWORD. NOTE: your password should not contain the PIPE (|) character.

    For example the entry me@myemail.com|mypassword, encoded to base64 format produces: bWVAbXllbWFpbC5jb218bXlwYXNzd29yZAo=

  2. Submit input - You may use web form techniques or incorporate your preferred REST submit solution, remember to properly set the correct headers before your submission is completed.

    For example, this cUrl command sets and submits the IBCCredentials header:
    curl -siL -X HEAD -H "IBCCredentials: YWpvenoxM0BnbWFpbCmFkcGFzcwo=" https://api.pactrak.com/authority/token
    This request will yield a response with the following headers if authorized:

    HTTP/1.1 200 OK
    Authority: NmIzY2Y1OWV8SmFoMnc4Rk1doOGVyWHV0a282RWtEV1hlRlBvbDhTOExRPT0=
    or if unauthorized
    HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized
    Authority: Not Authorized
    Use the token assigned to the Authority header response in your service URL requests.

Token Time Limit

Each token assigned is associated with your specific account and has a pre-determined time limit. You may reuse the token to submit as many request as needed until the token time limit is expired.